Tips on Getting Your First Views and Subscribers on YouTube

Hitting a certain milestone always come with great satisfaction. Setting a target on the number of views or subscribers you desire for a video that you post on YouTube and actually hitting that set target or even surpassing it might bring you such satisfaction. Getting the views and subscribers can be very challenging. You can of course choose the easy way out by using free YouTube views and free YouTube subscribers, or use some of the tips below toget the very first subscribers to your channel.

  • Useful posts

For content creator, this might be the most challenging part. Nearly all possible videos have already been created and posted, making originality an uphill task. You can however, create a unique spin or twist on some of the popular topics. The main point lies in creativity. The more creative you are, the more likely you are to score more views and subscribers.

  • Strategic naming

This might sound quite simple, but it counts a lot. The name should definitely not be something too complex or too long. You should always keep it basic and make use of the autocomplete feature on YouTube to name your video. Having a similar name or anything close to a popular video might also boost its performance.

  • Channel design

The first impression of you to most visitors usually comes from your channel and its matters a lot as it is where viewers will interact and know more about you and your content. An engaging header and a purposeful design should do it.

  • Loosen up

Try showing the lighter side of yourself. It makes everything feel more human. Feel free to add the bloopers and any other thing that is out of the ordinary. They might score you some free YouTube subscribers or free YouTube views.

  • Change locations

Shooting videos in the various locations will definitely generate more interest among the viewers. If changing the location proves to be challenging, you might consider changing at least the background.

  • Thumbnails

Creating a custom thumbnail might help generate more subscriptions and views. It grabs the attention of the viewers as they scroll through other videos to view. They also tell what the video is all about

  • Using annotations

Annotations refer to the annoying pop ups during video playback. To the content creator, they may be the exact opposite of annoying. You can create links to subscribe using the annotations on any video. It means having to do extra work, but it is worth it.

  • Request viewers to subscribe

This is a basic step that should be done at the end of all your videos. Also remember to include the reason as to why they should subscribe.